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Jose (Red)

Meet Jose Santos, better known as Red, a passionate and gifted tattoo artist originating from Portugal. From the tender age of 6, Red has been wielding pencils and brushes, letting his creativity flow onto blank canvases. Today, he channels that same artistic energy into crafting awe-inspiring tattoos that speak to the very core of his clients' identities.

Drawing from years of experience, Red's expertise lies in creating deeply personal designs that connect with each individual who seeks his artistry. With an innate ability to understand and translate their visions, he brings their dreams to life with ink and passion. 


His love for black and grey tattoos that truly sets his soul ablaze, enabling him to infuse each piece with a touch of his own unique style.

If you're curious to witness the full extent of his artistic journey, don't hesitate to dive into Red's captivating portfolio and join the growing legion of followers who are captivated by his work.

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