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Mahtab Alizadeh

Mahtab is a multi-disciplinary artist of Iranian and British heritage. Following in the footsteps of her artist father, she has been creating beautiful art since 2011. Her versatile portfolio spans a range of media, including canvases, screens, and even human skin.

In recent years, Mahtab has shifted her focus towards tattooing and body art. She is passionate about using the human body as a canvas to create beautiful and inclusive art pieces that express her clients' unique personalities and creative visions. Her custom tattoos are inspired by a variety of influences, including fine art, pop culture, and urban life.

Mahtab's tattooing style is characterized by bold, high-contrast black-and-white designs that showcase her realistic style. She is well-versed in a variety of styles, including Black & Grey, Realistic, Illustrative, Abstract, and Lettering. 

Mahtab creates a comfortable and welcoming environment for her clients to collaborate with her and bring their ideas to life. Her goal is to add beauty to the human body through skin art and body modification. She is dedicated to providing her clients with the highest quality tattoos, from the initial consultation to aftercare.

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