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Not sure how it works? Don't worry, that's why we are here.
Have a look thro
ugh our artists’ portfolios or our socials. This will show you what our artists are cable of and should help narrow down the ideas or preferred artist. If you’re still unsure, feel free to give us a call or book a consultation with one of the artists.


Our Consultations.

Our consultations are designed to bring your tattoo vision to life! Collaborate with one of our experienced artists to brainstorm and refine your ideas. We recommend bringing inspirational images to help the artist understand your vision.

Once you've discussed your design, the artist will provide a quote and you can book your session either in-person or online via our website. To secure your spot, we require a non-refundable deposit, which will be a percentage of the final tattoo cost. We accept card payments or bank transfers, and the artist will provide the necessary details.


Tattoo Day(s)

On the day of the tattoo session, we will require you to sign a  consent form that will be provided to you either during the consultation or on the day. We will not be able to start tattooing until we have a completed form.

Click the button below to book now and let's create a tattoo you'll love for years to come!

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